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Biromsoft WebCam 3.01

Biromsoft WebCam 3.01: WebCam is a program for your web camera. Biromsoft WebCam is a software for capturing pictures from your web camera and placing them on internet. Local Picture Server enables everyone to see your pictures from your camera right after starting WebCam just by typing your IP-address in the browser. A picture can be saved on local disc or uploaded to a web server via FTP on the fly.

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MyOneLink - Professional Plus XP 1.1

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Easy_WebCam_Recording 2.4: Easy software that gives the possibility to record pictures from webcam.
Easy_WebCam_Recording 2.4

motion detector is activated, with all files saved on the local hard disk in a user-defined folder. While the program is equipped with a rather simple interface that comes down to a single window, it`s also very easy to configure, offering just a bunch of features to set up before proceeding with the actual recording. For example, you can decide whether you wish Easy WebCam Recording to start recording when you launch the app or after detection,

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PatchMaker 1.0: PatchMaker is a high accuracy 2D motion tracking program for video compositing.
PatchMaker 1.0

motion tracking program designed for intraframe video editing and compositing. It can determine the motion of a selected object in the scene to a subpixel precision under a specified parametric motion model. The computed motion can be used to solve the following tasks: 1) Placing a patch on a moving object. The patch stays glued to the object because its motion was so accurately determined. 2) Background stabilizing (eliminating unwanted motion in

video, effect, stabilizing, application, composing, camera, montage, transformation, free, film, jitter, motion, editing 1: Video surveillance software. Supports IP cameras, web cameras. 1

Do you want to protect your house, office etc? This video surveillance software is for you! Features: * It supports different types of WEB-cameras, IP cameras. * Records as many cameras as you want. * Records with motion detector or not. * You can control many cameras simultaneously. * Extract your records to flash drive.

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Webcam Zone Trigger 3.302: User-friendly motion detection system, security, house automation, monitoring.
Webcam Zone Trigger 3.302

Zone Trigger is the first multi-purpose motion detection software. This means that motion detection isn`t just for security anymore. Specify zones to monitor on the live image, set different actions for each zone. Create complex custom motion detection systems for your project`s needs. Useful in such sectors as Art, Marketing, Quality control, automated inventory, security and monitoring, motion detection has never hit so close to home.

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Metal Detector Treasure Hunter Pro 13.0: Free Software made for Metal Detector users to organize their detecting finds
Metal Detector Treasure Hunter Pro 13.0

This Free software was made for Metal Detector users by Metal Detector users! The author (programmer) contacted over 100 metal detector users and asked them what features they wanted in a computer program for their hobby, and `Metal Detector - Treasure Hunter Professional` is a result of those top requests. This program lets you record detailed information about each of your finds.

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